Sunday, February 7, 2010

Di Dalam Selimut, Ada Musuh.

Semuanya bisa tampak tersenyum di depan. Tapi kita tak pernah benar-benar tau apa agenda mereka. Di dalam semilut, ada musuh. Di dalam musuh, ada selimut. Dalam hidup itu biasa. Ada yang suka, ada pula yang mencerca.

Portfolio Theory of Romance

It is proven that market portfolio has a minimum risk. Diversified portfolio always has lower risk compared to un-diversified one. Therefore, we have to bear in mind that in any investment principle, low risk means low gain. In contrast, higher risk suppose to have a chance of higher gain.

Love is risky, so we can't play safe. The risk is there, and we just simply have to bear it. Too diversified portfolio is so last year. for me, 2010 is about pick your "selected stock" and see how it grow.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Finally January will over soon. I'm done with my essay. Eleven pages, 4017 words, and 21 references. Would be enough, i already fed up.

For now, just take a short break. Chill and relax. Done !

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tea Spill

Shit happens sometimes. it always does. during long hours in the front of computer, especially in the public computer, you should not forget to take a break. a short break of 10 minutes for coffee or tea. but some other time, you also would like to have you cup of tea next to your mouse pad.

I brought my full cup of tea to my table. i putted it next to my mouse pad, and guess what happened ? yes, i spilled it to the keyboard of the computer. it was full, it was hot and it was quite sweet. what a combination.

But i think for many students who use the public computer on the library, by the time you spill something on the keyboard, it means you just started a some sort kind of relation with that workstation. it is like dating, spill-a-drink-and-say-sorry moment is just the beginning ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singel 425

Hampir tumbang
Semangat pun sempat tergoyang

Keluh bercampur peluh di ruang perpustakaan
Empat minggu sudah ku bergelut dengan tumpukan kertas berkalimat panjang yang kadang tak tentu tujuan

Terus tatap susunan kata di layar, tak ada yang keluar
Terus coba tuliskan hasil pemikiran, belum juga terselesaikan

Biar dulu ku bertahan sampai ke penghabisan
Walau dengan sisa-sisa asa yang ada

Ingin lekas ku isi kembali jiwa ini dengan daya juang
Jakarta, aku pulang

Friday, January 22, 2010


Menurut ku kamu orang yang menyenangkan
Cerdas, ringan, namun berkesan

Tapi sepertinya aku masih harus menunggu
Karena ku masih melihat wajahmu di halaman facebook mantan pacarmu

Your eyes trick you

Today is a nice sunny winter day. The sky is clear. Wind blows smoothly. No snow, no rain. Nothing. I was thinking just to wear a thin sweater and no scarf. But i changed my mind. I'm going out fully equipped, even with my leather glove. And i am right. It is still cold outside ;)

Lesson to learn : never believe in physical appearance at the first place. you really have to feel it first, before you believe in what you see.